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Published 08 November 2012 4liketwiit


Melbourne Popular

These are the popular routes in Melbourne where you'll find riders of all ages and abilities nearly anytime of the day.







After a short warm-up, you'll climb the 1:20 (Mountain Hwy) up to Sassafras in the Dandenongs.


Arthurs Seat

This is the main climb of the southern Mornington Peninsular. You may want a longer warm-up than that shown on the map! For an extra test, try Caldwell Rd as well (the extension of McCulloch St)


Alpine Tour de Suburbs

This is a regular road ride on Thursday nights, hitting Chandler Hwy at the start of this route at around 7:00pm. Some riders commence from St Kilda (and finish there) but many catch the group where convenient. Social competitive riding where winning a climb is everything, but waiting for all riders is better!


Beach Rd

Everyone knows Beach Rd. This is a coastal ride starting and finishing anywhere along the Port Philip bay coastline. The profile extends down to Morinington, only to show there are some hills to climb if you want them.


Death Valley

A short but lumpy route Northern East of Melbourne in the glorious Yarra Valley.



A good honest climb 40km North of Melbourne. Narrow, windy and consistent, it will test you.



Kinglake is synonymous with riding in Melbourne. Ride through Eltham, Kangaroo Ground and quaint St Andrews to climb Kinglake. Take care on the descent


Wildwood Rd

Located just north of the Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) this 50km circuit offers several short but steep climbs in an otherwise flat terrain. Good training for the Tour of Coleraine


Whittlesea - Healesville

A challenge from Whittlesea climbing all the way to Kinglake. Downhill through Toolangi to Healesville. The return is equally hard.



Link two rides together in one. The slight uphill all the way to Whittlesea, then test yourself up Humevale. Another regular ride, leaving Bundoora around 7:30am each Sunday morning.


Yarra Boulevard

Short, testing and close to town, Yarra Boulevard was also used as the time trial course in the 2006 Sun Herald Tour. Multiple laps are expected!




Melbourne North East

Some loops and out and back routes which show off rides around Warrandyte/Eltham in particular. Based on user contributions.





Starting at Station St/Heidelberg Rd, weave your way along The Boulevard,Nth Balwyn, Bulleen, Templestowe and Eltham. Return through Lower Plenty, Viewbank, Heidelberg Park, climb "Col du Burgundy" and coast back down Heidelberg Rd


Doncaster-Warrandyte -Heidelberg Loop

Starting on Blackburn Rd, Doncaser, heads through Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Eltham, Rosanna and back to Doncaster



An out and back course through Heidelberg Park, along Banyule Rd through Lower Plenty, and finally along Mt Pleasant Rd finishing at Research-Warrandyte Rd


Templestowe-Warrandyte Loop

Short but lumpy loop from Templestowe to Warrandyte.


Fitzroy-Hurstbridge Loop

About 65km, initial gradual climb to warm up heading north, couple of steep pinches into hills above Hurstbridge with a long down hill to the coffee stop, undulating back towards Ivanhoe with one climb at Rosanna in Lower Heidelberg Rd, easy flat finish for the last 4k back home. Mal P



Vigor Eltham Rides



Eltham Loop

Start at Vigor, Smith St Collingwood. Head through Fairfield, Alphington, through Warringal Park (Beverley Rd) then onto Eltham and return.

Eltham Mt Pleasant

Start at Vigor, Smith St Collingwood. Head through Fairfield, Alphington, through Warringal Park (Beverley Rd) then onto Eltham, turning up Mt Pleasant Rd towards Research (in a figure 8 loop) and return.

Eltham Kangaroo Ground

Start at Vigor, Smith St Collingwood. Head through Fairfield, Alphington, through Warringal Park (Beverley Rd) then onto Eltham, Research, Warrandyte, Mt Pleasant Rd and return.


Start at Vigor, Smith St Collingwood. Head through Fairfield, Alphington, through Warringal Park (Beverley Rd) then onto Eltham, Research, Kangaroo Ground, St Andrews and up the classic Kinglake climb and return.



Melbourne East

Based on user contributions.




Glen Waverley Loop

Starts at Springvale and Ferntree Gully Roads  (Brandon Park Shopping Centre.)
Head South on Springvale Rd  (majority downhill)
Turn Left Wellington Road and head east.  (Varies between flat and slight incline with a nice sharp descent near Jacksons Road.)
Turn Left into Stud Road heading North  (Slight incline majority flat and windy)
Turn Left into Ferntree Gully Road, fairly flat but has a nice 1km climb of about average 8% at jells park follwed by short pinch on Waverley Rd Paul E




Melbourne Climbs

These are the common climbs throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area easily accessible for a day trip.






Arthurs Seat

8.1% for 3.11km

Baw Baw (from Noojee) Tanjil Bren to Baw Baw

av Baw Baw 11.3% 6.62km

Break O'Day

7.8% 1.68km

Donna Buang (from Yarra Junction)

6.2% 16.61km

Donna Buang (from Healesville)

7.0% 5.72km


13.0% 0.94km

Kinglake West (from Flowerdale)

4% 3.5km (av)


5.1% 6.83km

Kinglake West (via Humevale)

3.6% 7.09km

Kinglake West (via main road)

7.8% 1.23km
4.7% 2.77km

Lake Mountain

4.3% 20.6km (av)

Mt Buninyong

6% 5km

Mt Dandenong

3.3% - 10.4%

Mt Dandenong (via Inverness Rd)

3.9% - 13.5%

Mt Macedon

7.8% 6.00km
6.6% 8.5Km

Mt Macedon (via Alton Rd)

8% 5km

Myers Creek Rd

5.7% 7.8km

Perdrisat Rd, Lethbridge "Godzilla"

13% 0.7km and 16% 0.24km

Reefton Spur (Warburton to Lake Mountain)

Multiple climbs 4-6% over 40km

Strath Creek

8.9% 1.61km


3.7% 8.23km

Upwey-Tecoma Loop

10-20% over short distances

Warrandyte-Research Loop

3.1% to 11.8% 0.5km to 4.5km