Breeze Leader Reporting


Cycling Victoria is required to provide reports from each ride that is undertaken to AustCycle and our funding partners.


Ride leaders are encouraged to provide their report as soon as they are able after each ride.


In addition, ride leaders should ensure that Breeze participants complete a registration form so everyone is adequately covered by insurance. Adults can complete the online registration form or may complete a paper form (provided by the ride leader). If a Breeze ride leader allows girls under 18 to attend they should collect a signed paper registration form from the rider's parent/guardian. Participants do not need to complete a form for each ride if it is a weekly activity, however they should complete one for each type of ride or event they attend. For example, if a rider attends a weekly ride with one ride leader then joins another ride leader for a skills workshop and decides to also attend this ride leader's group ride they should submit one form for each group ride and one form for the skills workshop.



Breeze AustCycle Adult Registration Form PDF

Breeze AustCycle U18 Registration Form PDF

Breeze AustCycle online form